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March 27, 2019

March 27th - The next-generation of email protection: Egress Smart Authentication

Within email protection systems, it is vital to couple authentication with encryption so that only the intended users are provided accesses to highly classified and sensitive content. However, many email encryption solutions face problems when it comes to authenticating ad-hoc recipients of secure messages, such as weak one-time passwords that increase data breach risks and complex password enrolment schemes that cause recipient dissatisfaction.

Introducing Egress Smart Authentication.

Part of the Egress Email Protection solution, it balances the actual risk of a data breach with ease of use. Using machine learning and data analytics, it assesses various risk factors such as the recipient’s domain, behaviour and IT systems, then dynamically applies the correct level of authentication to the recipient. A recipient accessing highly sensitive content from a high-risk domain, location or device may need to use MFA, while trusted internal users could achieve read-only access seamlessly.

Join Egress for a webinar to find out how Smart Authentication can:

•    Reduce friction and increase user satisfaction in reading and replying to encrypted messages
•    Reduce the number of help desk calls related to password reset tickets
•    Enhance your organization’s security posture and reduce the risk of data breaches by applying proportional authentication controls for external recipients


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