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June 23, 2016

Egress Summer 2016 webinar series

Egress Software Technologies will host a four-part series of webinars throughout Summer 2016, looking at how you can enhance information security and protect data throughout its lifecycle. 

Securing data throughout its lifecycle with email and document classification - Wednesday 20th July 2016, 15:00 GMT

Despite increased time and financial resources being applied to overcome data breaches, statistics show a continued upward trend in incidents across all major sectors. Alarmingly, two-thirds of these have a single cause: human error – particularly when sharing sensitive information.

By treating DLP and data protection tools and policies in isolation of each other, many companies have previously been unable to take the holistic approach to information security required to tackle this issue and buck the trend of rising data breaches.

Join Egress as we examine the importance of classifying content at the point of creation and the ways to reduce risk by integration with secure data sharing solutions. As a result, attendees will understand the benefits of taking a joined-up approach to data security that ultimately protects sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.


Enhancing compliance and improving business continuity with secure email and file archiving - Wednesday 3rd August 2016, 15:00 GMT

Built on rapid search functionality, Egress Switch Secure Email and File Archive enables organisations to store and search both plaintext and encrypted content and attachments. As a result, users benefit from unlimited availability to all content, as well as business continuity should mail servers go down – regardless of whether emails and attachments were sent encrypted or not.

Switch Secure Email and File Archive therefore also offers significant compliance and reporting advantages as well. Even when content is deleted from a user’s mailbox, their archive will retain this information for any future reporting or investigation requirement. Similarly, approved and validated individuals within a business can perform sophisticated searches into single or multiple users, seeing inside encrypted and plaintext content to maintain full visibility.

Join Egress COO Neil Larkins as he provides a product overview and demonstration of Switch Secure Email and File Archive, highlighting how it can improve users’ experience and enhance compliance at an organisational level.


Using secure online collaboration to reduce risk when working with third parties - Wednesday 17th August 2016, 15:00 GMT

With increasingly disparate workforces and the rise of inter-organisation collaboration, it is important that teams are able to easily share and work on documents together, without risking personally or commercially sensitive data and IP.  

Join us Egress for a product overview and demonstration of Egress Switch Secure Workspace, our secure online collaboration tool. This will feature discussion around the benefits of online document editing and PDF annotation, as well as the sophisticated auditing and reporting functionality that ensures you remain in control of sensitive data at all times.


Maintaining data security compliance through trending and reporting - Wednesday 5th October 2016, 15:00 GMT

Are you truly aware of the types of information your users are sharing and who they’re sharing it with? Do you actually know who is accessing your data and where they’re accessing it from? Improving visibility is key to maintaining ongoing compliance by taking an holistic approach to data security. Only once you understand your users, can you update policies to reflect the way they work and track any non-compliant behaviour.

Join Egress as we look at the trending and reporting functionality offered by our encryption services platform Egress Switch. We will cover user-based and package trends, as well as location-based reporting. As a result, you will understand the ways in which we can support and inform your data security compliance decision-making.


For more information about Egress, please contact us on or call +44 (0) 207 624 8500. 

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