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October 27, 2016

27th October 2016 - 'Enhancing compliance and improving business continuity with secure email and file archiving' webinar

Built on rapid search functionality, Egress Switch Secure Vault enables organisations to store and search both plaintext and encrypted content and attachments. As a result, users benefit from unlimited availability to all content, as well as business continuity should mail servers go down – regardless of whether emails and attachments were sent encrypted or not. 

Switch Secure Vault therefore also offers significant compliance and reporting advantages as well. Even when content is deleted from a user’s mailbox, their archive will retain this information for any future reporting or investigation requirement. Similarly, approved and validated individuals within a business can perform sophisticated searches into single or multiple users, seeing inside encrypted and plaintext content to maintain full visibility. 

Join Egress COO Neil Larkins at 3:00PM (BTS) on 27th October 2016 as he provides a product overview and demonstration of Switch Secure Vault, highlighting how it can improve users’ experience and enhance compliance at an organisational level.



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