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Egress logo June 1, 2016

1st June 2016 – 'Securing the cloud: Office 365 messaging and Egress Switch working together' webinar

Join Egress COO Neil Larkins at 4.00pm (BST) as he discusses security considerations when using Office 365, and compares Office 365 message encryption with Egress Switch Secure Email and File Transfer.

Office 365 makes sense for many organisations. With out-of-the-box functionality, and no need to set up complex infrastructure, it lets users share information and collaborate more easily than ever before, and easily integrates into existing workflow.

There are important security considerations to think about when moving to the cloud. Since data is being stored externally and is being shared more freely, there are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing how you secure data and uphold compliance. Also, for secure messaging solutions to be effective they require user buy-in and high levels of assurance.

In this webinar, Egress COO Neil Larkins will look at the requirements organisations have for cloud-based secure messaging. He will also provide a product comparison of Office 365 secure messaging with Switch Secure Email and File Transfer, discussing:

  • The sender and recipient user experiences
  • Security features and specifications
  • Auditing and compliance

This is also the chance to understand in greater detail the ways in which Office 365 and Switch are made for each other, and how their combination gives organisations the best of both worlds: The flexibility and simplicity of the cloud with the user-friendly security and assurance of Switch.


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