Wednesday July 10th 2013

Unravelling the myths, misunderstandings and misinterpretations that surround the process of sharing IL3 (RESTRICTED) data with external third parties

From the outside, much of what Egress Software Technologies does can appear a little mysterious. The very phrase ‘data encryption’ tends to conjure up thoughts of Mission Impossible and James Bond, rather than of your stereotypical office worker sharing...

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Thursday June 20th 2013

NISC 2013 – A gold sponsor’s view

The National Information Security Conference (NISC) is one of the largest security specific conferences held in the UK, and this year took place between 12th and 14th June at the Westerwood Hotel, Scotland. As Gold Sponsors of the conference, member...

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Thursday June 7th 2012

Egress Switch Support for Google Apps

At Egress Software we love Google services, GMail and Google Docs (now Drive) and the paid incarnation of Google Apps provides users with one of the richest and most complete cloud services for message, document, and file management. As we built Egress Switch whic...

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