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Oct 2, 2018
Do you really know how many potential data breaches are happening in your organization every day?

With human error being a major cause of data breaches, organizations need a way to prevent user mistakes when sending emails containing sensitive information—without putting up roadblocks to effective working.  Utilizing advanced machine learning and AI, Egress Th...

Sep 25, 2018
The new Secure Vault: automated, effective compliance

Email is a major source of both malicious and accidental data breaches. Data is difficult to control when it’s stored and shared in emails and attachments, because to protect and control it you need to know what exists and where, and then understand...

Sep 13, 2018
Spear phishing attacks on the rise: what can you do about it?

A recent industry report has highlighted the increase in compromised business email accounts and the risk this can pose to organizations through targeted spear phishing. (Read the full report). A compromised business email account is dangerous because it lets unau...

Aug 13, 2018
How to recall an email in Gmail

If you have always wondered how to recall an email in Gmail then here’s a quick step-by-step guide for you.  It’s worth bearing in mind however that unlike other email clients like Outlook, you don’t have a recall button. Instead, you have a selected timeframe to ...

Aug 13, 2018
How to recall an email in Outlook

Most of us have had that sinking feeling when we accidentally send an email either to the wrong person, or that is full of errors.  However, gone are the days when we have to suffer from the shame of calling up the recipient and asking them to delete the mess...

Jul 9, 2018
Gmail messages can be read by third parties

Recent reports have revealed that in some circumstances private emails sent and received via Gmail can be read by third-parties. This has come as a shock to many users, who assume that any emails they are send are private, and that their inboxes are secure. When u...

Jul 3, 2018
Compliance with California Consumer Privacy Act (AB 375) - How Egress can help

Last week, the State of California passed new legislation to protect the rights of Californians when it comes to data privacy and security. Similar to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (AB 375) ...

Jun 13, 2018
GDPR: How to do subject access requests the right way

After reading this, why not join our upcoming webinar to find out more about the process and how the Egress platform can make your post-GDPR life easier? Join here. As everyone surely knows by now, Article 15 of the GDPR concerns the right of access by the data su...

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