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Friday January 22nd 2016 | 11:13

Why is real-time, online editing a game changer?

With the latest release of Egress Switch Secure Workspace, users can create and edit documents collaboratively in an online workspace whilst enjoying the advanced security levels for which Egress Switch is renowned.
Working in a digital world

The 21st Century workplace faces a dilemma. The digital revolution has brought about three trends:

  • Organisations are embracing remote, even transnational, working practices
  • More and more data is being created and communicated electronically
  • Threats to information security are more widespread and insidious than ever

As workers collaborate on tasks over the internet, the vast amounts of data transferred makes it tremendously difficult to maintain control of and protect sensitive information. Alongside this, organisations are going paperless and moving workflow to the cloud, bringing cost savings and efficiency – but how do you balance maintaining quick and easy access to documents whilst upholding security? When the data is out of sight, it can sometimes be easy to keep information security out of mind – however security infrastructure must keep pace with the current trends in working practices if organisations are to avoid data breach catastrophe.
With online editing, Switch Secure Workspace solves this dilemma.
The compromise with file sharing and collaboration products has always been between usability, security and cost, but with Switch Secure Workspace there is no more compromising. No more cost-cutting at the expense of security or paying more for a secure solution that’s left unused due to its technical complexity. 

Teamwork made easy
Real-time, online editing is an instrumental feature in Switch Secure Workspace’s innovative solution to these crucial issues. Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files can be edited within Switch Secure Workspace in an easy-to-use editing window. All the main features you associate with MS Office products are there, from chart creation and complex formulas to presentation animation.
Using the discussion and chat features it’s simple for colleagues to discuss the work they are producing. All document changes are tracked and highlighted so you can see who’s been working on the documents.
Detailed auditing of all editing and collaboration is another impressive feature not seen in other products, and something of an Egress Switch trademark. Throughout a document’s lifecycle, you’ll always know who’s viewed or edited it, while fine-grained permissions controls mean documents always stay within trusted circles.

Switch Secure Workspace works on any modern browser, as well as on tablets and mobiles; it’s remote working without resorting to email and getting lost in version mismatches, or worse still, using insecure FTP services. No additional software needs downloading, so there’s no stepping outside the secure platform to edit – everything happens within a workspace and within your control.

Collaboration without compromise
Switch Secure Workspace 3.0 is the first solution to bring all these features together and satisfy the plea for a user-friendly collaborative platform that doesn’t sacrifice security, reduce efficiency or negate cost savings with exorbitant deployment expenditure. The online, real-time editing is the best of its kind, and the auditing and permissions controls are powerful and unique. That’s why Switch Secure Workspace 3.0 is a game changer.

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