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Thursday November 10th 2016 | 10:47

What’s new in the latest Egress Switch Secure Email and File Transfer Desktop Client and MS Outlook Add-in?

As well as the exciting new updates to Switch Secure Workspace, we are very happy to announce a new version of the Switch Desktop Client.

The new release is version 4.7, and can be summed up in two words: automation and integration

Email and document classification can now be automated, based on the results of the integrated Switch DLP engine, allowing you to set comprehensive policies that work automatically to classify and protect your data.

We’ve integrated this intelligent document classification into our secure email solution, making it easier than ever for your users to understand the data they are sharing, and to make good decisions about how to protect that content. Switch is highly customisable based on your organisation’s requirements: classification and/or encryption can be a recommended action, or it can be a mandatory action before sending the sensitive content. Automated encryption can be tailored too, depending on whether the email is being sent to a third-party domain outside the business or just internally. For example, perhaps you want to encrypt email sent to external domains whilst only classifying internal emails. The choice is yours.

As with all Egress products, the Switch Client 4.7 release delivers intelligent software that protects your data from the point of creation to sharing internally and externally, while also educating the user and giving administrators the tools and knowledge they require to maintain effective information security.

1. Scan MS Office and PDF documents for sensitive content

Switch 4.7 can scan the contents of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and PDF documents, as well as the document metadata, searching for any sensitive keywords. These keywords can be specific to your organisation and we also provide an extensive list of other sensitive data types, such as personally identifiable information including bank numbers and dates of birth. This Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool is vital in helping users and administrators understand what kinds of data they have in their organisation; a crucial aspect of the data protection lifecycle that the Switch platform provides.

2. Automatically classify Office and PDF documents based on DLP rules

Importantly, Switch 4.7 can also automatically classify Office and PDF documents based on the results of this DLP scan. Perhaps you want to classify all documents as Official-Sensitive if the phrase ‘Official-Sensitive’ appears in the document or metadata, or perhaps you want to classify based on a bespoke list of terms that your organisation uses frequently. This is all possible with Switch 4.7.

When classifying, you can also add watermarks to Office and PDF documents. This is in addition to adding visual identifiers to headers and footers, and classification metadata.

3. Prompt or force encryption of email based on DLP rules

This game-changing classification functionality integrates into Switch Secure Email to allow you to prompt or force users to apply security to emails that have recognised sensitive content within them. So, when users try to send a document with an Official-Sensitive classification, for example, they will be prompted to encrypt the content before sending it. As with all Switch products, this security is totally customisable – protect your data in a way that best suits your business. Encrypt and classify everything, only encrypt when sending to third parties, encrypt all emails with attachments with the Sensitive classification or higher – the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.

These new features have a hugely beneficial cumulative effect on the user experience and organisations’ ability to protect their data using Switch. They help educate users, they help organisations know what sort of data they have and how it is being shared, and they do so in an intelligent, automated and integrated way. That’s Switch Client 4.7.

For more comprehensive release notes, please do not hesitate to contact your Egress account manager, or email

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