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Friday March 2nd 2018 | 11:51

Switch Secure Workspace has a new look

Version 4.0 of Egress Switch Secure Workspace is now ready for release and you might notice it’s gone through a few changes…

We’ve refreshed the user interface to help you collaborate securely and manage files easily. Read on to find out more!


An updated interface for effortless secure working

We’ve introduced a brand new clean, consistent user interface, improving usability and making Secure Workspace slicker than ever.

People you’re sharing and collaborating with outside your organisation will find it especially useful to be able to access or upload content easily, spending even less time than before learning how to use the software, making teamwork effortless but helping you keep control of your data at all times.

Find and organise your zones, see content that’s been shared with you, and manage your favourite secure working spaces, all from the minimalist sidebar menu:

Files stored in zones are easily accessible and it’s simple to organise, move and view them to keep collaboration moving effectively:

For third party users needing to submit data to you securely, there’s no learning curve to the file upload menu, they simply drag and drop the files or navigate to them to upload them quickly. And of course, all uploads are encrypted at rest and administrators can set bespoke access permissions for everything in the zone:

Right click content to preview, edit or lock it. Also, be able to find the complete audit log of user activity concerning that file – essential for many compliance requirements including EU GDPR:

If you’re already using Switch Secure Workspace to secure content and work together in controlled environments, please do get in touch with your technical account manager to find out how to get this upgrade.

Need a solution to current issues with securely sharing content and controlling access? Get in touch today at for a personalised demo that includes this new interface. We're also always looking for feedback and suggestions so if you have any comments on the new look just drop us a email!

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