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Monday May 20th 2013 | 11:11

Pillars of support – a day in the life of Egress Support

Andrew Rathbone
Post-Sales Engineer
Egress Software Technologies Ltd.

Picture this... A Support Department with mountains of paperwork that you have to climb over before you can reach your computer. Five telephones on your desk, all ringing simultaneously, whilst you're answering a million different emails and trying to conduct a remote session.

Thankfully, that's not Egress Support!

We like to think it's not nearly half as chaotic as that rather stressful image.

Picture this instead... A weekday morning in North West London, a support worker's day starts with a fresh cup of coffee and a pile of emails to sieve through. Throughout the day, we balance telephone calls, emails and support tickets logged through our website, as well as occasionally manning a conversation through our online chat service.

One of the reasons working in Support is so enjoyable is that it is a bit like a lucky dip, every support issue is so different! We can get anything from a password reset to a request to add a new feature that will successfully predict future lottery numbers (we've only had one of these).

Now, the majority of support issues we deal with are from people who have forgotten their passwords – but who can blame them? In these modern times, we have so many passwords and PINs to remember that it's hard to keep tabs on them all; however, our software just wouldn't be doing its fundamental job if you didn't need a password to access it.

As you'd expect, we do get the occasional 'emergency' – and sometimes these aren't even related to Egress Switch! Recently, a lady called asking for help setting up the Egress software. Things were going pretty normally until, mid-conversation, the fire alarm in her building went off, meaning she had to evacuate! Needless to say, it was a false alarm, and when she called back we helped set up Switch on her system.

Another interesting support issue we came across was when a customer called us up in a bit of a fluster to tell us how they had had enough of trying to sign up to use our services. Now, we spend a lot of time ensuring that our software is as easy to use as possible for our customers, so we knew something a little untoward was probably going on. After employing our calming tactics and doing a little bit of digging into the problem, we discovered, unbelievably, it was down to the fact that the caller had no internet connection! Obviously, this was an issue she needed to take up with her IT department, and just goes to show that no matter how wonderful technology can be, it can also be a complete pain in the backside sometimes!

As you can tell, no two days are ever the same in Egress Support. We take pride in helping customers to access information quickly and easily, doing our job well so they can do theirs - whatever the circumstances. So, even though no-one quite knows what to expect next whenever the phone rings or an email lands in our inboxes – whether someone simply needs to reset their password or wants help becoming a millionaire (we'll let you know if we figure out how to do the latter) – what we can guarantee is our exceptional customer support.

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