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Monday September 7th 2009 | 09:28

New Website in Beta

Welcome! The brand new website available for a closed beta audience today. The new site is like the evolution of the Switch client software in many ways: The first version worked well but had some usability issues.

Our development team are experienced many of them have been developers for over 15 years so we defiantly build a robust software product in version 1.0 but it has usability issues - some things just didn't make sense. After the initial release we got some fantastic feedback from our first customers and now at version 1.3 the product makes much more sense to a first time users.

The website has gone through a similar evolution, again based on getting visitor feedback about the experience they had. The major change to the website besides the new visual style is a tiered approach to information delivery. Rather than go from very little content in the front page to text heavy pages of content we now have three stages of delivery:

  1. What is this about?
  2. I'm interested - Tell me a little bit more about this.
  3. I'm really interested - Tell me all there is to know!

These concepts are explained in more detail in this great article over at ReadWriteWeb Once you understand that a new visitor to your site does not understand you or your product using this laying of content delivery makes much more sense.

We hope those of you on the website beta find this new site much easier to use than the old one, and as ever feedback is always welcome.

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