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Wednesday October 7th 2009 | 09:56

New Website Goes Live

Its been a busy couple of months here at Egress. We're getting ready to release version 1.6 of the Switch client which includes some fantastic new features, to go along with the new release we've switched on the new website which will do a much better job of explaining how the features within Switch work. The website refresh also includes the latest update to the Web interface for Switch (ESI).

The team spent a long time deliberating over the navigational structure of the new website and we think it makes much more sense now. You can find out about the Products, Solutions and Company without having to hunt around.

One of the new sections on the site is Solutions which we will use to publish articles on how Switch can be put to use solving problems. Because Switch is designed as enabling technology that integrates with your daily work flow we continue to hear great stories from people about how they've put it to use. We'll keep you posted on some of these through the solutions articles.

Please let us know what you think about the new website using the Contact Form or send us a Tweet

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