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Monday July 14th 2014 | 11:58

New ‘snooping law’ is another reminder to keep our data secure

Last week’s passing of an emergency law to ensure that the UK police and security services can continue to access email and phone data relating to British citizens for up to 12 months is yet another reminder of the need to secure our most sensitive information ( and

This move represents an attempt by the UK Government to protect existing powers after the European Court of Justice ruled in April that existing legislation was unlawful and breached human rights. Prime Minister David Cameron defended the decision, stating the law was intended to protect citizens and the state from terrorist attack.
Whether you agree with granting governments access to personal data stored by service providers in the name of national security or not, this story serves as another reminder that sensitive information handled or stored by external third parties needs to be secured appropriately.
After all, if governments can access / intercept data and emails, then so can other less credible entities and organisations!
This is a topic we have covered regularly on the Egress blog and in our news pages:
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At Egress, we see this type of news coverage as a real positive for the data security industry.
Regardless of the politics or the perceived terrorist threat, it demonstrates yet again that organisations and individuals need to question the underlying security of their data and apply greater due diligence when procuring a new system via a third party service provider – a point supported by some recent market research.

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