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Wednesday October 12th 2016 | 16:57

Introducing the latest features in Switch Secure Workspace

We’re very happy to announce some exciting new updates to our secure online collaboration platform, Egress Switch Secure Workspace.

Along with minor enhancements and UI changes, this release (3.4.1) adds useful new functionality, helping teams work more securely and more effectively than ever before.


File and folder sharing

You can now share individual files and folders as well as sharing zones.

Creating and sharing a zone with others provides a secure collaboration space for teams to work on projects together, uploading documents and editing them together in real-time.

Being able to share individual files and folders brings simple file sharing for users who want to share the occasional sensitive document or a one off collaborative piece of work. It could also be that their recipients do not require access to a complete zone but just need to have a secure location in which to receive documents such as payslips and forms.

Of course, our fully configurable, role-based security platform extends to sharing permissions for files and folders, so you can always control what the users you’re sharing with can do with the shared content.

For example, zone owners can fill a zone with folders that are each shared with a specific third party, so the owner can add and remove content from these folders as required and the recipients know where to go to access the content. The owner can also set user restrictions; perhaps they only want the third parties to be able to view the content securely online and not be able to print or download it, or perhaps they want to enable editing as well as downloading. All the changes that the recipients make are recorded, giving the data owner full view of their data.


Secure online PDF annotation

Switch Secure Workspace now lets users annotate and comment on PDF documents within a secure online environment, as a group or individually.

Teams of internal users and third parties can collaborate on and mark up sensitive documents such as legal agreements and medical reports, all within a secure, locked down area where the data owners can maintain complete control over who has access to the sensitive documents, and what they can do with the data.

Being able to make annotations publicly and privately helps you keep track of your own ideas whilst also contributing to group discussions, and since we’ve built this feature using Adobe standards, public annotations are included when users download the document. Of course, downloading can also be restricted so groups can collaborate on important documents online, safe in the knowledge that no versions can be downloaded before the documents are finalised.

Converting other file types to PDF lets you mark up and comment on them as well, so design studios and engineers can collaborate on images, graphics and CAD files, all securely and with access to a full audit trail.


File and folder management

Switch Secure Workspace 3.4.1 includes further file management enhancements. You can now move files between zones, and move or delete multiple files in a single action, helping you keep track and organise your secure data quickly and easily.

Combining this with the new folder permissions functionality described above, it’s easy to see how effective Switch Secure Workspace is for sharing content with third parties: Quickly organise shared folders, move multiple files into folders in one go, and manage access permissions and user permissions for these folders in real-time. However you want to access, edit and share your files, Switch Secure Workspace lets you do so, without compromising security or compliance.


Custom name branding

Custom name branding is also available, so whether you want to call your secure online platforms Zones, Workspaces, Projects or Cubes, it’s easy with Switch Secure Workspace.

For more information on this release, please do not hesitate to contact your Egress account manager, or email You can also create your Egress Account and buy Egress Secure Workspace online - suitable for 10-25 ysers, or contact our accounts team if you require over 25 licenses. 

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