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Wednesday January 25th 2017 | 16:40

Introducing Office and Outlook integration for Switch Secure Workspace with Switch Client 4.81

A key benefit of the Egress Switch platform is the way all the Switch solutions integrate, providing an effective, holistic approach to data security. With the release of Switch Desktop Client 4.81, this integration becomes even more powerful, enabling use of Switch Secure Workspace via the desktop and Microsoft Office

This integration between desktop working and secure cloud storage is unparalleled and provides seamless next-generation storage and security. The ability to work as usual with Office and Outlook but store documents securely in the cloud – with the standard Switch auditing and customisable user permissions – makes Switch the solution to the modern information security challenge of securing stored data without hindering collaboration and sharing. Switch Secure Workspace cloud storage can even be located in UK-only data centres (both primary and back-up), helping organisations fulfil all their data security requirements.

Switch Client 4.81 is available soon. Read on to find out what it can do.

1.Open Workspace documents in Office

With Switch Client 4.81, you can access documents stored in a Workspace zone directly from Microsoft Office. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, go to ‘Open’ and you’ll see a list of the Workspace servers you have access to. Browse to the appropriate zone, search within the zone for a file, and click the file to open it. You can also manage your zones, and create new zones and folders right from this menu in Office.

2.Save Office documents back to Workspace

When you’ve finished working on a document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, save it straight into Switch Secure Workspace to share it, collaborate on it securely online in real-time, and access it anywhere. Simply go to ‘Save As’, then choose the Workspace server, zone and folder in which you want to save it.

3. Attach Workspace files to emails

It’s now simple to share Workspace documents via email, using the updated Switch Outlook Add-In. Files stored in Switch Secure Workspace can be added to emails as attachments, as well as sent via a quick share link.

4.Save email attachments straight to Workspace

You might also want to send files you’ve received straight to a specific zone in Switch Secure Workspace, and you can now do this from the Outlook ribbon or from the context menu. You can even save multiple files at once, so you can keep all your project files up to date and secure, plus benefit from the standard version control and file auditing functionality in Switch Secure Workspace.

5.Send files to Workspace from the desktop

Send any file on your desktop or in Explorer to a zone by right-clicking on the file or files and choosing Egress Switch – Send Files – Send to Workspace in the menu. Keep your stored files up to date and let others access them from wherever they are, without needing to use VPN tools to access the shared folders.

Unparalleled secure integration between desktop and cloud storage

Using Switch Secure Workspace to store files securely and share them with others has never been easier. At the same time, powerful security features like customisable user permissions, full auditing, and multi-factor authentication mean that these files never leave your control.

Switch Desktop Client 4.81 removes the learning curve for file storage, sharing and collaboration, and integrates the process right into the working routines and software that people use every day. Thus, organisations can introduce secure file sharing solutions with minimal effort whilst providing the most reliable and usable mechanism for securing sensitive data.

If you’re interested in finding new ways to store files and collaborate securely, you can get in touch at or visit the Contact Us form here. If you require 25 or fewer licences you can create an Egress account and buy Egress Secure Workspace online. Alternatively, if you are looking to buy more licenses get in touch, or if you’re an existing customer looking to benefit from this ground-breaking integration, please do not hesitate to contact your Egress Account Manager.


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