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Wednesday October 14th 2009 | 09:57

First Posting from Blogger

Its been a difficult choice trying to decide if we should implement our own blog engine or just host it on the web.

In the end we chose Blogger because of the great way it allows us to manage the blog posting on a professional platform and then push to our web server and let the blog live along side all the other content here at

Another advantage of the blogger platform over other blog engines has to be the Google element. I'm not talking SEO here, rather the wonderful openness Google brings. We wanted a blog to allow us to engage with our users and this will do just that. A Google account or other OpenID account is all that's needed to make a comment against anything you read here - and we think that's just great!

I'm happy the setup is mostly complete now - because that means we can start talking about the topic that gets us into the office every day: Secure Data Exchange.

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