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Sunday February 8th 2009 | 09:05

Egress Switch 1.7 Available Now!

To meet an increasing demand for protection and control of shared information, Egress Software Technologies announced today the availability of Egress Switch 1.7. This latest version incorporates features that simplify workflow when sharing information by email, CD/DVD, or uploaded to the Web.

Data security remains a top table issue for businesses around the world however data loss continues to grow at an alarming rate. Research indicates that the percent of data breaches attributed to third parties has grown to 33 percent and are 20% of the most costly to recover. To address this challenge Egress Switch enables businesses to mitigate risk and share information securely by maintaining complete visibility and control at all times.

Highlighted new features include:

  • Customisable Data Exchange Mechanisms (DEMs) 
  • Streamlined User Workflow 
  • Centralised Auditing 
  • Optimised Upload Performance 
  • Improved Usability

Egress Switch 1.7 is available now. All new accounts include 5 free credits.


Read the full Egress Switch 1.7 new release here.

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