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Do you really know how many potential data breaches are happening in your organization every day?

With human error being a major cause of data breaches, organizations need a way to prevent user mistakes when sending emails containing sensitive information—without putting up roadblocks to effective working. 

Utilizing advanced machine learning and AI, Egress Threat Protection helps businesses prevent accidental email sends, giving users a safety net that stops data breaches before they hit Send. 

Want to know how many emails are being sent to the wrong recipients?

We now offer a free trial of our Threat Protection solution, allowing you to discover how many potential data breaches and accidental sends are occurring across your organization each and every day.

The Threat Protection reporting dashboard shows you how many times your users have been warned about a potential wrong recipient, and how many times they’ve accepted Threat Protection’s recommendations. It gives you critical insights into the data breach risks across your organization, and helps you define effective security policies to mitigate human error.

The trial is a simple three-step process:

Step 1: The Egress Team will provide your end-users with the Egress Endpoint Client for Microsoft Outlook. This software observes the end-user’s mailbox and sends information about historical end-user behavior to the secure Egress Cloud.  

Step 2: Threat Protection applies its advanced machine learning and AI technology to the end-user’s emailing patterns. It then works with the Endpoint Client to alert the end-user about any misaddressed emails or misspelled email addresses in real time.

Step 3: Threat Protection delivers business and user-level reports that provide detailed insights on alerts, including alerts related to suggested additional recipients, misspelled recipients, new recipient warnings and wrong recipients.

Set up a Threat Protection Proof of Value trial today

For more information, check out the datasheet or last week's webinar.

Contact us today to set up your free trial - and make accidental data breaches a thing of the past!

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