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Friday July 15th 2011 | 10:12

Blackberry Client Updates

I wanted to tell you about a couple of improvements to the Blackberry client, we’ve had two common support problems from Blackberry users and the update this week fixes both these.

Password Entry
Its hard to believe the Blackberry, one of oldest smart phones has such a terrible standard password entry control - it doesn't offer any help like showing last entered character so you have no idea if you got the password right. We've had lots of issues with people not being able to login and the only problem was a mis-entered password.

So we've added a "Toggle Password" option to our password entry screen, you can access this on the app menu. Once toggled you can enter the password in clear and be sure you got it right. It won't reveal the existing password for security reasons, so if you activate this you have to enter the whole password again.

Connection Mode
There are many different ways a Blackberry can make a connection to the Internet, as we've done more and more deployments we’ve seen a number of issues where the Blackberry policy might have restricted an application on the handset from making a connection to the Internet using say WiFi. To solve this problem you can now choose the connection mode that Switch will try to connect to the Internet. We always recommend using WiFi first if available as you’ll get better performance over WiFi when compared to 3G.

There were a couple of fixes for version 6.x of the Blackberry OS too. If your a Switch user and want to open Switch packages on your Blackberry you can download it now from

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