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Friday October 14th 2011 | 10:18

5 Things To Consider After The Blackberry Outage

Its been a disastrous week for Blackberry. The outages that have occurred this week have left many business users frustrated by the lack of connectivity to corporate email. This couldn’t have come at worse time for RIM as they continue to loose market share to Android and iOS. 

As many businesses start to move away from Blackberry driven by users demand for access to richer application ecosystems. Its time to consider how your business will achieve the same levels of security that the Blackberry infrastructure has delivered over the years. 

1. Mobile Security Without RIM
One of the biggest selling points of Blackberry handsets has always been message security. You know your corporate email was being delivered securely to the handset and that at anytime you can decommission the handset if its lost or stolen. Android and iOS have been trying so hard to to gain market share that the levels of security offered for email on these platforms doesn’t come close to that of Blackberry. 

2. The Heterogeneous Network
You’ll be hard pushed to find a corporate network anywhere in the world today that isn’t a mix of different platforms from different vendors. No one ever expected to see the proliferation of iPads into the corporate environment. Can you be sure that your messages are secure and yet remain accessible on a diverse set of devices. 

3. Communication Beyond the Mobile Device
Consider the communications that occur beyond your perimeter, your business remains responsible for the information its sharing with 3rd parties. Do you think you’re taking sufficient steps to ensure these messages are delivered securely? Your next move in secure messaging should consider how messages are secured when they leave your network. 

4. Will Blackberry Continue to Innovate?
I’m a big Blackberry fan, and it saddens me that RIM continues to fall behind when it comes to innovation in the smart phone market. If it was all about battery life and reliability then RIM wouldn’t have anything to worry about. That said end users demand applications and innovation and right now that's all happening over on iOS and Android. RIM plans to leverage the QNX platform in use on the Playbook for the next generation of handsets. But will the industry accept another mobile OS this late in the game? HP didn’t think so when it recently dropped WebOS. 

5. Think Beyond Email
Its not all about Email, remember most mail boxes let you down once the message size gets close to 20MB. Optical media such as CD and DVD has started to disappear even quicker than the humble floppy disc did. Today its all about cloud storage and large file transfer services. But do you really want to manage two separate solutions, one for email and one for cloud storage? 

What’s Your Thoughts?
I’d be interested to hear your views on Blackberry, has the outage effected your trust in RIM? Finally spare a thought for those engineers trying to get the RIM services back up and running. I think this recent Dilbert Strip summed up and what they must be going through.

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