In 2010 Egress Software Technologies received its first patent from the UK Intellectual Property Office covering ground breaking key management designed to offer customers data lifecycle control regardless of the transfer mechanism. Since then, subsequent UK and US patents have been granted by USPTO as part of an active technology licensing program promoting industry innovation within the workplace. However, working with Egress’s IP is much more than merely licensing patents. Technology partners can work directly with the Egress integration team to help deliver complimentary collaborative solutions designed to solve real business problems.

If you would like to learn more about our licensing program please contact us.

Granted patents, patents pending, and technology currently available to license include:

Seamless key management is fundamental to the success of any email and file encryption service. With over 20 years’ experience developing data security software for public and private sector businesses, Egress Software Technologies place great emphasis on user experience and interoperability. Delivered using a collection of independently assured desktop, gateway, and mobile applications the Egress Server Infrastructure (ESI) offers hosted or on-premise transparent key and policy management designed to offer customers real-time control and lifecycle auditing when sharing confidential information with third parties.

Offering customers a secure mechanism to share highly sensitive information remains a core focus for Egress Software Technologies. Secure recipient access enables information owners the ability to place custom restrictions surrounding the extraction of shared data on untrusted machines. This includes the ability to restrict printing, print screen, and preventing users from copying files locally irrespective of where the message or file reside.

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