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We're looking for talented individuals who can demonstrate excellence and a passion for success to join us on our exciting journey

Are you looking for your next move?

We're always on the lookout for ambitious people who can make a genuine contribution to our high-growth and fast-moving company. We draw upon the highest calibre of industry expertise and wrap it up in a dynamic environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

Egress team members working together
A tug of war with Egress members at an office social event

Work with us to design and deliver cutting-edge technology

Our technology is created from the ideas and innovations of everyone in the company. This means we encourage active engagement, so all employees can bring their ideas to the table. Our developers build our technology using a wide variety of tools (including Python, C# and Node.js), and we invest in their ongoing development through hackathons, training and events. Ultimately, our supportive environment allows our people to achieve more.

It's our people who make us what we are

Our distinctive company culture creates the warm atmosphere that's our greatest asset. We make every effort to maintain this through training, team away days and corporate off-sites. We constantly strive to give our staff the support they need - and we make sure they have fun doing it along the way!

Egress socials
Egress Kick Off group shot

Why work in information security?

Information security is one of the fastest growing industries and is at the forefront of technological innovation. Industry analyst Gartner predicts companies will spend more than $124bn on information security solutions to protect data in 2019 alone. As individuals, we're all aware that regulations protect the privacy of our data - and at Egress, we help companies achieve this for their clients and service users on a large scale. Amongst others, we help law enforcement and justice agencies secure evidence and witness statements ahead of court proceedings, as well as protect health information, financial data, and details about vulnerable children and adults.

Our work helps to change lives and we want to build our teams with the best people possible to achieve this.

A great place to start your career

We understand that everyone has to start somewhere and that experience is not necessarily a measure of potential. We offer paid work placements for students and graduate positions for those leaving university, so you can get your career off to a flying start. At Egress, we believe in offering genuine opportunities, where you can learn new things and really make a difference - not just serve coffee or run errands!

Starting your career in tech

What does Egress stand for?


As a business, we want to be the best. We want to work with people who want to succeed and we make every effort to support them to achieve this.


We may want to be number one, but we won’t do this by lying or cheating. Our company is all about team work and we value honesty in all our employees.


Our people are important to us. We work hard to make our company an enjoyable place to be. We want to work with nice people, no matter who you are or where you are from.


We don’t just want to be top; we want our work to be something that we can really be proud of. Our technology is there to change people’s lives for the better.

Do you want to be a part of the Egress Team? If so, we would love to hear from you!
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