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What can I share securely?

Egress Switch provides a broad security platform which allows you to securely share confidential information by email and file transfer, large file transfer, secure online collaboration and via secure web forms. Our approach provides "follow the data" control so that you have the reassurance that the sensitive information you share is only accessed by the intended recipient. What is more, using our integrated desktop and mobile applications, Switch is easy to use and streamlines end user workflow.

When is Switch free to use?

Egress Switch makes sharing information easy by allowing the recipient of a secure email or large file to respond to the sender free of charge as many times as they like assuming the original sender is a paying subscriber. What is more, the free user of Switch can communicate securely using Switch to any other paying subscribers. We call this community based licensing model the Trust Network. Trust Network members are all using Switch to share confidential information securely.

Egress Switch enables us to communicate securely with our supply chain and network of third parties, regardless of their size and ability to access government secured networks. Of particular importance is being able to control what recipients can do with the information that's shared with them - for example forwarding, printing or copying information locally - and being able to access a detailed audit log of these actions. As a result, we are able to maintain full visibility and control over our data at all times.

Aerospace and Defence

Egress Switch provides a single secure communication platform across North Wales, meaning end-users do not have to deal with four or five different solutions when communicating securely with each other, which would have been the alternative.

Alun Kime, Flintshire County Council

Switch has enhanced the way we share confidential information. Not only does it provide a comprehensive solution for securing data – whether you’re sharing via email, large file transfer or removable media – it also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, removing the need for users to have multiple accounts on different systems depending on the type and size of the information being shared.

Scott Rose, IT Manager
Professional services

One of the main reasons we chose Switch Secure Email and Switch Secure File Transfer was due to their ability to simplify and streamline data protection. In addition, Switch not only allows us to secure sensitive information shared with external third parties, but also with internal users by allowing us to encrypt data stored at rest on Exchange

Mark Butler, Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst

Egress Switch helps reduce the risk of an accidental data breach caused by human error. As such, Victim Support’s staff and volunteers have flexible control over the way they share information, with full confidence that sensitive data will arrive securely, every time.

Barry Alston, Director of Information Systems

Without Egress Switch, we would have had to buy at least five different systems to meet our information sharing requirements – so it has provided a huge cost saving to us as an organisation. The fact that we’ve also managed to dramatically reduce the overall cost of ownership means that it’s a win-win all round!

Meena Martin, Head of Information Governance & Security

Egress Switch immediately demonstrated it could provide a cost-effective and intuitive solution to our data security needs. Although as a blue light organisation we ticked the compliance boxes that would allow us to access GCSX (UK Government Connect Secure Extranet), many of our partners are either on other Government accredited systems, such as the PNN or NHSmail, or don’t have access to them. Switch makes secure communication between such varied groups much easier.

Greg Aitken, ICT Operations Manager
Blue Light

Ladbrokes selected Egress Switch as part of a strategic long-term approach to data security designed to unify the way in which they share confidential information. Embracing Government accredited Cloud hosted encryption services, Ladbrokes are looking to enhance the security applied to personal data submitted through web forms, as well as offer end-users integrated email encryption, large file transfer and online collaboration functionality – all of which is centrally audited, enabling Ladbrokes to remain fully compliant.

Financial Services
Aerospace and Defence
Professional services
Blue Light
Financial Services

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Egress Switch services have been designed to make sharing information securely as easy as possible. Our free to download applications allow users access when and where they need it, whether that is integration with MS Outlook, on your desktop or on the move via our mobile applications.

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Egress Software Technologies provides industry and government-certified encryption services that give you choice and control over how you securely share sensitive information. Whether sending information via email or large file transfer, or collaborating on confidential documents, the Egress Switch portfolio of products offers flexibility over deployment and user federation, choice over how users send and receive information, and control over how recipients handle the data shared with them.

Switch encryption services cover secure email and file transfer, secure online collaboration, secure web form and secure managed file transfer.

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    of data breaches are caused by human error.

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    of CIOs admitted they would prioritise technologies based on perceived ease of deployment, rather than their ability to secure data.

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